Thursday, January 6, 2011

Available Animals at Amazing Grace Animal Rescue

Amazing Grace Animal Rescue Has Some Great Dogs and Cats Ready:

1.Midnight is a 4 month old male, black Domestic Short Hair kitten. He is very playful,loveable, and likes to be in all of the action; always happy and by your side. 

2.Grace is a 5 year old female, tricolor Great Dane Mix. She is housebroken, current on all vaccinations, but not spayed yet. Grace travels well, loves the outdoors, does fine with other animals, but would love to be the only "child."

3.Phantom is a young male, gray and white Domestic Medium Hair cat. He was found as a stray on an outdoor deck, and we don't believe he was ever anyone's cat. Phantom is very shy and quiet around people, and tends to stay in hiding mode. is usually in hiding mode.

4.Muffin is a 1 year old female, Calico cat. She truly is gorgeous, housebroken, spayed, current on all vaccinations, and loves to just snuggle while being around all sorts of people.

5.Taz is a 8 month old male, Black Lab and Pit-Bull. He is very energetic, and loves to run and play. Although he is still a puppy, he will be needing future basic training.

6.Angie is a 2 year old female, beige Pit Bull Terrier. She is great with all dogs, but is not friendly with any cats. Angie is very submissive towards people, and will roll right on her back when you go to play with her.  

7.Blackie is a 3 year old male, Black Lab Mix. He is neutered, current on all vaccinations, and is housebroken. Blackie could use a family environment, with kids to run and play with, seeing as he has lots of energy to share.

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